Workshop conducted by 

KAIINOS Geospatial Technologies Pvt Ltd

in collaboration with OSGeo Foundation

16-18 Nov, 2017

Hosted by

Timbaktu Collective

Importance of the workshop

Timbaktu collective is actively engaging local communities through eco restoration activities, organic farming, women cooperatives etc. In some of these activities common waste land mapping is needed to plan restoration activities. Open Source GIS and Open datasets can help in carrying out mapping activities. Maps whether in digital domain or not are very useful for organizations which are working community activities. Datasets such as toposheets, revenue records, satellite data etc are available in open domain. Open source tools like QGIS, Open JUMP help users to collate, compare and create maps.


Workshop had participants working in Kalpavalli, Gramasiri and Organic farming groups. The primary work of participants is planning and monitoring execution of activities with community participation. The idea of workshop is to introduce open datasets and open source tools to enable planning of activities of Timbaktu Collective.

On first day hard copies Open series maps of Survey of India were introduced and details such as scale, legend etc were introduced. After hands on working on hard copy maps participants were introduced to QGIS tool and its plugins such as Openlayers plugin. Importing Satellite data sources from Landsat/Sentinel along with openly available vector datasets from Openstreetmap was explained. Participants created their own vector layers (point, line and polygon) from available GPX tracks, digitization of open satellite data and attached attributes to them from records they use in their day to day work.Using OpenJUMP, editing the errors in vector layers like dangles, overshoots, under shoots, sliver polygons was practiced by the participants.

Further steps

Existing land use will be analyzed and compared to historical land use. This helps Timbaktu identify waste lands for their programs like gramasiri. Impact of their restoration activities on water bodies, land use around the kalpavalli area can also be studied. Digital elevation model of the area also helps in identifying suitable spots to construct Rockfill dams or check dams.

Resource Persons

DVS Sarma, Geospatial System Analyst, KAIINOS

Ajay Kumar MulakalaGeospatial System Analyst, KAIINOS

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