OSGeo Incubation

The OSGeo Incubator is an outreach effort to welcome new projects into our foundation. As an outreach effort incubation is designed to promote open source and inclusive development of software projects.

Current projects in incubation:

  • istSOS
  • MetaCRS
  • Opticks
  • PyWPS
  • TEAM Engine
  • ZOO-Project

For more information and incubation status see the Incubation Committee Wiki.

Welcome to Incubation

There are two ways for projects to join the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

  • OSGeo community projects are our chance to help you join the open source community (focusing on choosing an open source license, and welcoming contributors to your project).
  • OSGeo incubation continues this work for established projects looking into setting up transparent communication, an active healthy community, the details of your development process, documentation and release procedure.

If your project is ready to join OSGeo please contact us:

  1. OSGeo Community Projects

If your project is interested in the next step of OSGeo incubation:

  1. Incubation Process
  2. Application process
  3. Incubation process:
  4. Project care and feeding:

About the Incubation Committee

The OSGeo Incubator is run by the Incubation Committee. It is responsible for:

  1. Preparing and recommending incubation process and criteria to the board.
  2. Reviewing applications for incubation and making recommendations to the board on projects that should be admitted into incubation.
  3. Appointing mentors for incubation projects.
  4. Reviewing progress of projects against incubation requirements, and recommending projects for full project status to the board, when deemed appropriate.
  5. Reporting on the status of projects in incubation and the incubation process to the board periodically (via Chair).

For more information:

Committee Operation

The incubation committee operates within the OSGeo committee guidelines, operating in a close working relationship with the OSGeo board as reflected in our responsibilities above.

  • Voting members: Voting members are maintained on this page as outlined below. This committee is volunteer based with committee member ship driven by email request to be added or removed. Inactive members (see below) are removed as needed to preserve committee function.
  • Project mentors: Have volunteered to represent our organization at a personal level as a guest on the projects email list and meetings. Project mentors are responsible for recommending when a project is ready for graduation based on this first hand experience. For more information see mentor guidelines.
  • Committee chair: Committee chair appointed by motion, result forward to the board for approval and recognition as an officer of the foundation. Committee chair is responsible for operation of the committee.
  • Communication: This committee operates on the incubator mailing list. With the occasional breakout IRC meeting, hangout, or phone call to explore specific issues.
  • Decision making: Decision making is performed by email motion. Motions are held open for a two week period. Each motion requires a 50% quorum within the two week period. Voting consists of +1 (approval), +0 (slight agreement), -0 (slight disagreement), -1 (against). The committee chair is responsible for replying to the email thread with voting results and motion resolution.
    • Email motions should be clearly worded and have a subject line “Motion:”.
    • Motions are held open for a two week period to give everyone a chance to respond, this accounts for volunteers that are only available on weekends.
    • At discretion of the chair a motion may be held open longer than two weeks
    • If a motion does not gather a 50% response within a two week period we may need to revisit our active member list – removing members that have not voted within the last year.
    • Voting +0 and -0 are a good way to reach quorum for volunteers that have not had a chance to follow the discussion
    • There is no veto in the incubation committee, but we tend to respect -1 votes and withdraw motions that are divisive. It is noted that when reviewing graduation checklists -1 votes tend to track outstanding issues that are then addressed within the voting period.
  • Independence: Our mandate is focused on providing to the OSGeo board as outlined above.


Volunteers Welcome: If you would like to take part we are always looking for new members, sign up to the email list, and introduce yourself to volunteer.

Current members:

  • Bruce Bannerman
  • Bob (CI-StPaul) Basques
  • Landon Blake
  • Howard Butler
  • Arnulf Christl
  • Jody Garnett (chair)
  • Dimitris Kotzinos
  • Tom Kralidis
  • Julien-Samuel Lacroix
  • Mark Lucas
  • Steve Lime
  • Daniel Morissette
  • Markus Schneider
  • Cameron Shorter
  • Norman Vine
  • Frank Warmerdam

Thanks you We ask that volunteers remain active, joining the discussion and voting on the email list. If you are unable to take part please send us an email. As volunteers we understand that life can get in the way of advocacy – you are welcome to rejoin at any time. We will also retire inactive members as needed. Prior members:

  • Robert Bray
  • Chris Holmes
  • Judit Mays
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Markus Neteler
  • Paul Spencer
  • Jeroen Ticheler